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PCMTuner Module 35 and 46 Introduction

Here’s the PCMTUNER INFORMATION FOR MODULE 35 and 46. Module 35 Toyota/Lexus/Scion/Hino generation 1 The package consists of three modules, which differ in the type of connection with the blocks. 6F0038/39/40/70/85, MPC565, SH72512 CAN-bus – for operation via CAN bus 76F0004/23/38/39/40, MPC565 K-Line – for K-Line operation 76F0004/23/38/39/40 K-Line JDM – for K-Line operation for… Read More »

PCMTuner or CG FC-200?

Question: Hi, Pcmtuner or FC-200? Which one is better?   Here comes the table comparison: Item PCMTuner CG FC200   Software Language English and Chinese English, French, Spanish, Polish, Turkish, Chinese Dongle USB Smart Dongle No Offline/online Work offline, VR need online. It should work online and with 12v power supply. ECU Search Search ecu… Read More »

Can PCMTuner be Used as Passthru J2534 for ODIS Xentry GDS etc?

Question: Can PCMtuner be used as Passthru j2534 to work with other programs? For example ODIS, Xhentry, GDS2, Techstream, MDflasher and other Passthru programs! Has anyone tested it?   Answer: Yes works with other flashers and many pass-thru soft like techstream, forscan, VIDA and lots of others tested. Our customers made tests with Canclip, Techstream,… Read More »

How to Install and Activate PCMTuner MPM ECU Tuning Software?

2022 new MPM ECU Tuning tool software can be controlled by PCMTuner application. Here is the guide on MPM ecu tuning software download, installation and activation.   Software version: Suite V4.10.4 Operating system: Windows 7/Windows 10   How to Install and Activate MPM ECU Tuning Software? Download MPM ECU Tuning Software 1. Open the website(… Read More »