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DIY John Deere 9-PIN Adapter for Foxflash KT200

User contribution: How to build an OBD2 to 9pin adapter for reading John Deere,NEW HOLLAND etc using foxflash/kt200?   You can make this how to make an adaptor from DFOX tool to Dimsport cables. this also works with all the Foxflash-KT200 etc and Alientech cables. and buy a JD cable for Dimsport New Genius.

EDC17CV41 Pinouts to PCM and Foxflash

Both pcm and foxflash will read and write EDC17CV41 ECU on bench.   PCM EDC17CV41 Pinout Edc17cv41 Read/Write, checksum ok. Need to check whether you have version 1 or 2 as gpt pins go on different pins / point. worked on pins GPT 66 68. used module 71.   Foxflash EDC17CV41 Pinout   Connect the multi-function… Read More »

Foxflash Read and Write Volvo EDC16CP31 on Bench

New use report: Foxflash read and write Volvo XC90, 2.4d D5 EDC16CP31 on bench successfully. Reading – ~2min (all – ext.flash + eeprom) Writing – ~1min (only ext.flash) Checksum by foxflash. Foxflash EDC16 CP31 pinout To read and write use the following driver: → BENCH MODE → [brand] → MPC563/4 – [brand] → EDC16 CP31

Can FoxFlash Unlock PCM/ECM like HPTuner?

Question: Will Foxflah Unlock and read a L5P GM ECM? Does Foxflash have the unlock service as hptuner*?     *HP Tuners offers TCM/ECM/PCM unlock service for tuning support in the latest version of VCM Suite.   Yes, foxflash has the unlock service as hptuner.   When you need unlock some ECU then work with… Read More »