Monthly Archives: April 2024

Foxflash Problem Reaching Update Server Problem Solution

Problem: Failed to update foxflash manager to 1.4.1 on Windows 8 system. It gave 2 errors. 1.There is a problem reaching update server. 2. An error occured while trying to downloading files. Solution: Win8 system issue. Uninstall Foxflash manager and download again. Then update software. Or change a Win10 64bit laptop.

Will CG FC200 Unlock VW Simos PCR2.1?

Question:  I need to unlock ECU Continental PCR2.1 from VW Polo diesel. Is it possible to unlock with CG FC200 programmer?     Answer: It is possible with FC200. We make this with FC200. Read write security pass done Fc200 unlock automatically. pcr2.1 no checksum with fc200, but you can still use it to read… Read More »

Alientech KESS3 “Problem Launching the App” Solution

Problem: Failed to run Alientech KESS3 software, it has a problem launching the app. The software says “no tools connected”. Any solution? Possible solution: 1.Close the program and reinstall usb drivers. 2.If still not working, maybe your USB cable or tool is broken. Open ticket and support will help you. You may need to send… Read More »

Foxflash Manager Update to 1.4.1

Foxflash released new Manager software 1.4.1 on April 20th, 2024. What’s new in version 1.41? No new protocol updated. Improve reading/writing speed.   How to update? When you open foxflash software, it will ask if want to update. Press Yes to update.   Why the program doesn’t open after updating to version 1.4.1? It will… Read More »