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How to Install and Activate FormulaFlash Software?

FormulaFlash ECU & TCU programmer is user friendly. It is different from other programmers, it is easy to install and activation by yourself.     Operation guide: 1.Download FormulaFLash software (29.8 MB) 2.After downloading, you will get a Formula_1.0.0.2 folder 3.Open this folder, and find FormulaFLASH.exe 4.Connect FormulaFLash programmer with computer 5.Unzip FormulaFLASH.exe software package,… Read More »

FormulaFlash PCB Display

Here comes the PCB board of the FormulaFlash ECU/TCU programmer. photo taken from a FormulaFlash user. Don’t disassemble machine randomly. It is solid made. Different from other devices.