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Foxflash Failed to Clone Audi EDC17C74 ECU?

Problem: Trying to clone a Audi Bosch EDC17C74 ECU with foxflash, but failed. Error “OTP sector not writeable”. Solution: You cannot 1:1 clone vag edc17, there are otp sectors. EDC17C74 is not possible to clone with any tool, because this ecu is immo VI generation. Immo VI gen you must adapt on car. You can… Read More »

Alientech KESS3 DTC Feature Review

Alientech KESS3 free update DTC feature on June 27th, 2024. Through the EOBD connection of KESS3, Alientech Suite retrieves the list of (SAE – Society Automotive Engineers) error codes recorded during vehicle operation, helping mechanics and mechatronics easily identify potential faults and damages.   WHAT ARE THE KEY POINTS OF THE NEW DTC FEATURE? DETECTION… Read More »

Xhorse Multi Prog Read GM Delco E92 ECM on Bench

Xhorse Multi Prog programmer read and write GM Delco E92 ECM on bench successfully. Model: GMC Yukon ECU: Delco E92 Mode: Bench Multiprog will show you wiring diagram. Read INT flash 8bit on bench successfully. Image attached. Multi-prog also read it in boot mode. Boot may ask for pin code.

CG FC200 Read Suzuki Denso SH72530 ECU

Read Suzuki Petrol Denso 33920-67P0 SH72530 ECU successfully with CG FC200 programmer. To read Denso ECUs you should have Denso ECU license activated on the FC200 software. Select Suzuki ->Petrol -> Denso 33920-67P0 SH72530 ECU Check wiring diagram Connect ECU with FC200 following the wiring diagram Identify ECU information Read Dflash and save data. Read… Read More »

KESS3 Read and Write Kia Rio DCM3.7 in Boot Mode

Car model: Kia Rio 1.1 2013 CRDi 2K14 ECU: Delphi DCM3.7 Using Alientech KESS3 protocol 1101 Need a full read eeprom and micro. Read and write on boot mode successfully. DCM3.7/AP has 2 types of processors inside. One you can do over OBD but the other not. Some delphi dcm3.7ap need to read by jtag.