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Foxflash Failed to Clone Audi EDC17C74 ECU?

Problem: Trying to clone a Audi Bosch EDC17C74 ECU with foxflash, but failed. Error “OTP sector not writeable”. Solution: You cannot 1:1 clone vag edc17, there are otp sectors. EDC17C74 is not possible to clone with any tool, because this ecu is immo VI generation. Immo VI gen you must adapt on car. You can… Read More »

Foxflash OBD Error- SEED Key Solution

When reading your remap with foxflash programmer via obd2 (i.e DCM6.2V) and this error pops out ERROR SEED-KEY what does it actually mean? Its pretuned and seedkey changed so cant work via obd. Well basically its saying that someones allready been on there. It prevents obd2 read/write, so only way is to bench or bdm… Read More »