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PCMTuner Read and Write Mitsubishi Lancer ECU

Will pcmtuner read and write this Mitsubishi Lancer ECU? Solution: pcmtuner (pcmflash) module 31 cannot read/write this ECU.   2 Ways to read this ecu with pcmtuner or dongle: 1.use scanmatik or openport 2.0+pcmtuner standalone usb dongle   2. If need to read and write with pcmtuner, you must have powerbox. or use ktag or… Read More »

PCMTuner Failed to Read VAG Simos 8.32?

VAG simos 8.32 pcmtuner Reading unsuccessful via OBD. Says not readable. What tools to read? PCMTuner cannot read this ECU. Flex will read it via VR. CMD read it on bench (unlock). Or try to OBD read with foxflash. It will read if there is a virtual file on service. Need luk. Some also say… Read More »

PCMTuner vs Ktag

Q: I think to buy pcmtuner and i don’t now better pcm tuner or ktag?   A: They are different tools – pcm works mostly via obd, ktag only bench or bdm.   Pcmtuner does boot also and bench and obd, ktag is just boot / bdm. Get both .and a full jtag kit for… Read More »

PCMTuner Failed to Read EDC17C74 Solution

Problem: PCMTuner failed to read EDC17C74 on bench mode. pinout was good. where is problem with reading? Here are some tips: 1. Give it 13.5v power supply and you’ll be fine. or read again several times, it should be fine.   2. Try obd module 50 virtual read. Feedback: done it like that (vr read)… Read More »