Does PCMTuner Work with PCMFlash Powerbox?

By | July 31, 2022


Anyone tried using pcmtuner dongle 1.2.6 with pcmflash powerbox and openport 2.0? Does it work? If yes is it fully functional as pcmtuner or some modules doesn’t work?
Like instead of buying full kit pcmtuner i would buy just dongle if it works the same, the reason that i will lose the DSG cables coz doesn’t work with pcmtuner.

I have tactrix open port 2 original. Does it work with pcmtuner dongle only? And for the module 71 can it be use with powerbox?
Pcmtuner Power Box
A powerbox is just a power box, a power box is basically just that. You need a scanmatik pro 2 to use most modules, you can connect tactrix openport to your power box for dsg module but it’s no good for any other modules.
You can use openport 2.0 and powerbox to use for dsg.  71 requires a scanmatik pro device, so thats $750 so your better just buying pcmtuner hardware full kit.
pcmtuner usb dongle works with openport passthru, but for module 71 you will require a scanmatik pro or pcmtuner hardware.  The scanmatik pro or pcmtuner programming hardware is controlled by the module for all the various functions needed.