Does PCMTuner Work with Xentry Software for Mercedes?

By | July 24, 2022

Has anyone tested pcmtuner on xentry software for Mercedes Benz?


Yes, PCMTuner tested working as a J2534 passthru device for Mercedes. You need the version of software called XENTRY Pass Thru. 

pcm tuner does not work with MB SD C4/C5 standard OpenShell version (XDOS).

But w203 and w211 older not all works because they need a multiplexer.
2005 upper all works like with tactrix openpoprt 2.0.

People has tested it but with older cars not connect with all modules. This is a known issue with j2534 passthru.

J2534 doesn’t work with older k line cars full stop. The passthru cannot use Vediamo 5 as well, only version 5 because vediamo 5 doesn’t support Passthru.

For 2005- up Mercedes normal troubleshooting and diagnosis, though, it rocks.

Xentry Passthru Version

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