How to Fix PCMTuner ‘Unable to Use Selected Interface J2534’

By | June 13, 2022


What’s this message of pcmtuner? this error appeared.
‘Unable to Use Selected Interface J2534 Scanmatik -SM2 USB’
Pcmtuner Unable To Use Selected Interface
Your hardware is not connected to 12v and usb, or your drivers are not installed correctly.
If driver was installed but still same error,  delete and reinstall scanmatik driver
Free download PCMTuner driver
if not working,  clear everything and have a tidy place to work with just ECU and LAPTOP.
Disconnect everything. Restart laoptop. Turn on/off pcmtuner power. Restart pcm-flash.
Redo all connections SLOWLY and recheck. Then try to read.
You do not need a battery just use a power supply.