How to Fix PCMTuner USB Dongle ‘Device Not Found’?

By | August 9, 2022

Problem 1:

Pcmtuner device not found What’s problem I connected 12v and USB is connect.

Pcmtuner Usb Dongle Device Not Found


Restart PC, restart PCM unit, try reinstall drivers, and test again.



Problem 2:

If get both “user not activated” and “dongle USB device not found” errors.

Pcmtuner Dongle Not Installed

1.Must send email and device serial number to to activate it.

2. Install dongle driver.



Problem 3:

Bough PCMTuner dongle to use with tactrix openport, getting error PCM tuner device not found! Not allowing to click me on any options. Dongle and tactrix connected.

Pcmtuner Usb Dongle Not Found


With pcm dongle you can only use pcmflash friend you cant use pcmtuner software with tatrix.

It won’t be found as you didn’t buy it, dongle is for use with the flash program only.

The pcmtuner app is only compatible with PCMtuner hardware listed in it, PCMtuner, Fetro, MPM etc. Your dongle allows you to use pcmtuner flash app with any passthru hardware (openport, SM2, KTM etc)