Foxflash Read and Write VAG DCM3.7 in Jtag Mode

By | July 2, 2024

Foxflash read and write DCM3.7 VAG ECU in jtag mode successfully.

But Read file AS 2176 KO

Need full backup read by foxflash.

Need to remove the PCB from the chassis.

It is hard to open but possible without any special tool just be patient and good hot air and hot it good near the connector and remove cover.

You can also use heatgun and two flathead screwdrivers with steady hands OR opening tools.

Foxflash Vag Dcm3 7 Ecu 1 Foxflash Vag Dcm3 7 Ecu 2 Foxflash Vag Dcm3 7 Ecu 3 Foxflash Vag Dcm3 7 Ecu 4

Foxflash will also read/write DCM3.7 via OBD.

For example:

VW Polo 1.2 TDI
DCM3.7 OBD read and write No problem.
Checksum Fox flash.

Foxflash Vag Dcm3 7 Obd