Foxflash Read and Write VW Golf 7 DCM6.2V via OBD

By | June 23, 2024

Foxflash new user report:

VW Golf VII 1.6 85kw DCM6.2V OBD
The first time was Seed Key Error with file from PFT, after that I made with ODIS via diagnose adresse 01 update and then I sent the file to a professional tunnre.

Writing modified file without error.

Error sk 1 seedkey is usualy the voltage problem. on 1 write you have 12.3v for a lot of ecu’s to low to write. then get error sk1 seedkey
on your 2e write you get 14.5v
so that ecu need more then the 12.3v to write your ecu.
in some cases is 14.5 to high.
13.5 is mostly ok.
in obd writing always use a charger that have supply function for programming. not only battery voltage.

Foxflash Vw Golf 7 Dcm6.2v 1 Foxflash Vw Golf 7 Dcm6.2v 2

Foxflash Vw Golf 7 Dcm6.2v 3