How Long to Get the PCMTuner Tuning File?

By | July 21, 2022


When you use PCMTuner VZ-Performance user account to order a tune, for example a dpf delete tune. How long is the turn around time on the tune file?

I do Mobile programming and am curious if I read the ecu and send the file to be modified should is it fairly quick or does it take several hours?

trying to figure out if it’s quick enough to stay on scene or go to next job and come back later to finish the job.





Depends on request, simple on/off enhancements or full e85 stage 4 with several logging sessions…..file service is not about speed, its about quality.
We would rather have a delete that took 45mins to process over one that took 15 minutes, and threw a fault next day…unless your a flash and dasher who would just ignore customer when he calls to complain, simple deletes can be working deletes.
File services on average take 10mins – 1 hour I’ve found depending on vehicle and file request.
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