How to Identify ECU and What Pinout to Use?

By | June 30, 2024

Here is basic post for people asking basic questions, apparently now on high demand since we have gathered again new members in our ECU group.

So you got bosch ecu in hand from car and how to figure out how to identify it and what pinout to use?
On this case we can randomly take one bosch ecu that we will identify.
So all bosch ecus start with serial numbers 028… 026.
We just head to bosches page next

Here you search by oe or bosch number, i have random bosch ecu here and it’s 0 281 014 544 and bosch page ends up with a result. We can see its edc16cp35.

Identify Ecu 1

Identify Ecu 2

Identify Ecu 3

Identify Ecu 4

Identify Ecu 5
Now there are two ways. Either to search in foxflash bmw / edc16cp35 for pinout. Or we head to ecu pinout page and figure out pinout from there.
One of the best online pinout catalogs can be found at ecu desing, So save webpage

Copy address and head out there.

Type in edc16cp35, bmw uses two processors in this one mpc 562 and mpc564. Pinouts just about the same.
As we are benching our ecu, gpt pins are the ones were interested on. So basic benching required is power, ground, comms line (can h&l or k-line) , gpt 1-2 and thats it.
Identify Ecu 6

Identify Ecu 7

Identify Ecu 8

Identify Ecu 9


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