How to Solve PCMTuner Software Common Errors?

By | May 11, 2022 has collected some common errors from the pcmtuner user, here we would like to sharing solutions for you.
Solutions Keep updating.


Error 1:

‘User Not Active, Contact Support’ How to do?


PCMtuner requires activation. For the future PCMtuner activation, We have improved our service.

After you register, just wait for 24 hours, and the factory will activate for you automatically. no need to offer an email to the seller to activate now.if over 24 hours, still not activated, can ask your seller to check for you

NOTE: if you change the computer to install, still need to ask YOUR SELLER to re-activate for you.

Error 2:

After registering, it prompts ‘User Already Exists’


You have already registered so cannot register again. Use a new email address and contact us with a serial number to get a new account.

If you reinstall pcmtuner on another PC, Pcmtuner software and hardware are licensed per PC. You would need to reinstall with a different email, then contact the seller again and explain the situation to get the license reactivated for a new pc.


Error 3:

Failed to login vzperformance user account, error 419 and asks for customer verification, any idea?


Need to connect both pcmtuner and USB dongle with PC. Run software and login again. user name= email address,  password= serial number


Error 4:

The USB dongle is not accessible. Check if it is connected and reset the application.


NEVER update PCM flash software.
Just Install PCMTuner software again.
Use their own application.

Error 5: 

An Update version was found on the server.

Would you like to download build 1.2.5


Press No, DON’T update pcmflash software. Use pcmtuner their own software.


Error 6:

I get unable to use the selected interface error often

We have seen a problem with USB port power causing this on some laptops.

Make sure no other USB ports are being used, try usb3.0 type port.
Error 7: 
pcmtuner stay on the main page, cannot open anything
You need to plug in the USB key and pcmtuner connect to the sector or OBD
and get the account activated.
Error 8:
Forgot the login password to
PCMTuner is now modified and users can retrieve password
Error 9:
Please help I cant download scanmatik. the system cannot find the file specified.
Install with success. The problem is Windows 1607. Update of 21H1 resolved all problem
Error 10:
PCMTuner Device Not Found?
Problem = the big message in the red box on the screen.
This means your device is not connected to either USB cable, 12v power, or driver
Error 11:
Software not working after updating PCM flash by mistake.
Solution: Download the flash app and install it again. Check here