Kia SIM2K-241 P0605 ROM Error PCMTuner Solution

By | August 2, 2022

Purpose: Clone Kia SIM2K-241 ECM

Kia Sim2k241 Ecm


  • Hard code P0605 ROM error on original ECM.
  • tried several times to read tricore password from ORIGINAL ECM on bench to read eeprom and flash from, no luck ‘completed unsuccessfully’ every time.
  • Donor ECU read password fine on bench, backed up flash and eeprom via boot.
  • tried immo off, neutralize, re-learn keys bla bla bla a bunch of stuff that didnt work
  • Finally today I installed original ECM on the car and tried to read password thru the OBD with PCMtuner. It worked!
  • boot read it on the bench, wrote on donor ECM
  • after installing donor on the car, it started no problem, no codes.

The lesson is that even if the donor was able to read password on the bench, the original should be able to do the same but it didnt, so before giving up try all methods and connections you can to complete the job.

1 read tricore password original ecu
2 read eeprom and flash
3 read password donor
4 write eeprom and flash
5 start the car.

* Here OBD bench is not OBD car, as some ecu security features for programming require clearance from can gateway immo or CEM.


Check SIM2K-241 pinouts here: