FoxFlash Read and Write EDC16C3 in BDM Mode

Foxflash successfully read and write EDC16c3 Peugeot/Renault in BDM Mode. Read ID ok Read eeprom and flash pk Checksum is done by foxflash. Write Ext Flash ok. Very stable and fast. It’s a adapter from ktag. some work some don’t as pin different. Foxflash soon released Foxflash adapters. Here’s the BDM pinout to EDC16c3 ECU… Read More »

FoxFlash Read and Write PSA MD1CS003 with Tprot

PSA MD1CS003 has TPROT function in flash. It depends if ecu is running the 2020 onwards software, easy to test on bench though. Citroen C4 1.5HDI 2019 – MD1CS003 Bench – Read/Write/Checksum and Tprot done by Foxflash OK Automatic checksum Read 3.00min Write 1.35min The car going well. Bosch MD1CS003 bench pinout      

FoxFlash vs PCMTuner

What is the difference between foxflash and pcmtuner? I know Foxflash can do a lot more then PCMTuner, but is there anything PCMTuner can do that Foxflash can’t? They both serve the same purpose. PCMTuner flash consists of 60 modules for individual ECUS mostly OBD. It can do BSL and bench on a select Few.… Read More »