Foxflash OBD Error- SEED Key Solution

When reading your remap with foxflash programmer via obd2 (i.e DCM6.2V) and this error pops out ERROR SEED-KEY what does it actually mean? Its pretuned and seedkey changed so cant work via obd. Well basically its saying that someones allready been on there. It prevents obd2 read/write, so only way is to bench or bdm… Read More »

Foxflash Bricked Audi ME7.1 ECU Solution

Problem: AUDI A6 Allroad 2.7T 250KM ME7.1. There is communication, engine cannot start after reading with foxflash. It’s happened after reading via OBD. Fault code: 18089 / P1681 – Programming Not Finished Solution: Bad checksum. Many tools do not correct checksum for this ECU by OBD including foxflash. Do manual checksum. Had the same on… Read More »

FormulaFlash Read and Write PSA EDC17C60 Auto Tprot off

Will Formula Flash do Checksum + Tprot off on EDC17C60? Yes, it does checksum correction and automatically Tprot off.   FormulaFlash programmer new user feedback Peugeot Edc17C60 ECU Read on bench Write on bench Connections ok, checksum ok by tool. Tprot off automatically. That’s good news. If you have bad internet connection, the tool will… Read More »