Will PCMTuner Read Sprinter CRD3P.G0 ECU?

Question: Is it possible to read and write this CRD3P.G0 ecu of a MB Sprinter 314 2021 with pcmtuner? Solution: Module 53 works good (BSL mode). Check module 53 instructions http://www.pcmtuner.org/pcmtuner-module-53-infineon-tricore-bsl-operation/ But be careful it does not correct checksum you must do it manually otherwise the vehicle starts and stops but it can be done.

How to Read Mercedes Delphi CRD2.16 with Foxflash?

Question: How to read Mercedes Delphi CRD2.16 ECU with foxflash? cannot find wiring diagram to this ECU. Solution: Jtag boot read this ecu. Same pinout as Delphi CRD2.10 SOLENOID OBD JTAG_BOOT. Connect the multifunction cable as follows: Solder 3 links on the pcb: Solder the rainbow flat cable on the pcb: To read and write use… Read More »

How to Register/Login Foxflash on Second Laptop?

Problem: I installed foxflash tool on one laptop, no problem. Now i want install it to a different laptop and i can not continue. How to log in foxflash on second laptop? Solution: Just use the same email and code (device S/N) as you input on 1st laptop.   Read also: http://www.pcmtuner.org/foxflash-ecu-software-installation-guide/