PCMTuner “Checksum are Correct” vs “Checksum was Corrected”

By | September 29, 2022


I try to write a modified file on pcmtuner module 71 and ask me to confirm the checksum. Normally it said in the module 71 can do flash checksum. But why is ask for continue if the checksum is not correct?

Good file blue symbol and Yellow modified file.

Pcmtuner Checksum Are Correct

Pcmtuner Checksum Was Corrected


“Checksum is correct.”= checksum was ok

“Checksum was corrected.” = the other wasnt so software corrected it.  pcmtuner flash corrected the checksum and you can procceed. Press OK to correct checksum.

One checksum was ok, the other wasnt so software corrected it.

When software is modified always it needs to fix checksum. If you write the original no need to fix checksum!