Pcmtuner Dongle Overheat Solution & Using Tips

By | May 25, 2022
We notice that you have met a few problems while using our PCMtuner, Here we would like to share our solution with you.
1. Why does my dongle get heat?
There is a chip inside of the dongle, it is set for a safe factory, and it is the reason for the dongle getting hot.
If your dongle is overheating, please contact tuner-box.com support, our online engineer will help you remove it.
DON’T DO IT if you did not contact the engineer, or it will lock the dongle
Besides, we have returned our stock back to the factory for testing, New stock will come after 5 days, and there is no problem with the dongle for the new stock.
2.  Don’t use your own power supply, or it will burn triode easily.
If the customer uses OBD for power supply, please do not plug in a separate 12V, otherwise, it will cause the device transistor or step-down chip to burn.
MUST USE our power supply,
If the user uses his own lab power, and voltage regulator.
They don’t know how device power works,
Just adjust the voltage to 13.5 or whatever they think will cause the whole triode to burn out