PCMTuner EDC17CP04 Pinout

By | July 10, 2022
PCMTuner read and write Audi Q7 3.0d Edc17cp04 module 71 fast and easy.  All info in the pcmtuner software and using power supply 13V+.
Here comes the edc17cp04 tc1796 wiring diagram
  Pcmtuner Edc17cp04 Pinout 4

Pcmtuner Edc17cp04 Pinout 1

Pcmtuner Edc17cp04 Pinout 2

Pcmtuner Edc17cp04 Pinout 3

If pcmflash give this error below and read unsuccessfully, recheck ECU wiring very carefully, If You CANNOT ID ECU then you will not be able to read.

Pcmtuner Edc17cp04 Error

Pcmtuner Edc17cp04 Error 2

But for older CP04/CP14 it’s is better to use OBD protocol pcmtuner module 50 as EDC17U01/U05/CP04/CP14 use can communication.
1. After identified you have hw and SW numbers
2 go to vz-performance and search for the file you need with the details
3 download the file and modify for tuning etc
4 write file via obd
Always works well for ID to obtain vr file, and writing fine too.
Pcmtuner Edc17cp04 Pinout 5