PCMTuner Error Problem Preparing Selected File Solution

By | March 16, 2023


I need to read Alfa Romeo Giulietta with EDC17C69 control unit with pcmtuner. When I read both Eeprom and microprocessor, it makes me write the Eeprom but does not write the micro. if I write the Eeprom with the same file that I have read, everything is ok. If I write the chip with the same file that I read, it gives me the message of the photo. Any idea?

Pcmtuner Problem Select File

Pcmtuner Problem Select File 2


You are trying to write the file in the eeprom. Need to Change to flash.

You need to select Flash in drop down box to write flash!

Pcmtuner Problem Select File 3

you cannot write flash if eprom is selected. Select flash in the drop-down menu and flash your file, not flash in eeprom.