PCMTuner Failed to Read Mitsubishi ECU via Module 31?

By | August 23, 2022


My PCMtuner work fine on the bench for some ECU’s and not for others. For example it read good for module 71, EDC17C46 VW caddy 2013. But when i try to read old ECU model like Mitsubishi module 31, i got a failure message. So when i test two trimnals positive wire and negative black wire by multimeter i see 2v output! not 12v, Now what i do for fixed this issue please?

Pcmtuner Mitsubishi E6Txxx 1 Pcmtuner Mitsubishi E6Txxx 2 Pcmtuner Mitsubishi E6Txxx 3 Pcmtuner Mitsubishi E6Txxx 4


For Mitsubishi ECU like E6Txxx you cannot do, you need genuine tractrix openport j2534 with breakout cable, these ecu require 18v programming line (VPP) which pcmtuner not support.