PCMTuner Fetrotech Tool vs dFlash

By | August 31, 2022

What’s the difference between pcmtuner fetrotech and the new dFlash tool? dFlash can do all fetrotech can?


Check the table comparison below:

Fetrotech Tool dFlash Tool
              Image Fetrotech Tool Dflash
Software Fetrotech dFlash
Operating system WIN10 professional version 64bit (more stable) win7 win10 win11 64 bit( pro better)
Standalone Black standalone version

Silver version has to use with pcmtuner

Standalone version
Operation mode Bench Bench
EDC16 Yes No
EDC17 Yes Yes
MED17 Yes Yes
ME17 Yes Yes
MED9 Yes Yes
PCR 2.1 No Yes, read full flash and clone
Simos No Yes, Simos 8.5, Simos 8.6, Simos 8.3
MG1/MD1 Yes No
Checksum correction Yes Yes
Free VR files/Damos pack Yes Yes
               Access to PCMTuner account Yes Yes
                  Access to VZ-Performance account Yes Yes


Fetrotech can do EDC16, MG1, MD1 ECUs, dFlash does not.

dFlash has adapters for PCR 2.1, Simos 8.x, Fetrotech tool cannot do these.


As for detailed ECU coverage, check corresponding webpage on www.iecutool.com