PCMTuner Hyundai VELOSTER MED17.9.8 Pinout

By | July 13, 2022

PCMTuner will read and wirte HYUNDAI VELOSTER MED17.9.8 ECU/ECM with module 71.
Read full flash and eeprom with module 71. Users can read and write generally on bench mode for cloning.
You should do bench ok in 71, but if bench mode not working try read password and do 53. (PCMtuner Module 53 BSL)
Some users copied one of these for obd.

Pcmtuner Hyundai MED17.9.8 Ecu 1

Pcmtuner Hyundai MED17.9.8 Ecu 2

PCMTuner Hyundai VELOSTER MED17.9.8 Pinout

Pcmtuner Hyundai MED17.9.8 Pinout 1

Pcmtuner Hyundai MED17.9.8 Pinout 2

Test report:


Was able to read and write MED17.9.8 Full, on bench module 71.
Pcmtuner Hyundai MED17.9 Pcmtuner Hyundai MED17 2
MED17 9.8
Read/Write OK
Very fast Flash and Eeprom
Ecu was fried, but i can read and write with pcmtuner using first pinout.
Hyundai Med19.7.8 Ecu Pcmtuner 2 Hyundai Med19.7.8 Ecu Pcmtuner 3 Hyundai Med19.7.8 Ecu Pcmtuner 4 Hyundai Med19.7.8 Ecu Pcmtuner 5 Hyundai Med19.7.8 Ecu Pcmtuner 6
But after 2020 security on processor changed, you cannot do bench anymore.