PCMTuner Nissan March ME 17.9.55 ECU Pinout

By | September 25, 2022


Can I read Nissan March 2016 1.6 petrol engine ME 17.9.55 ecu with pcmtuner? I tried module 71 but it is failing.

Nissan Me17.5.55 Ecu 1 Nissan Me17.5.55 Ecu 3


Pcmtuner Me17.5.55 Pinout

pcmtuner ME17.9.55 ecu pinout

use labels not colors.

try GPT0 and GPT1 on pins marked yellow (any order may swap later), but please power everything off and restart PCM tuner and app before trying to make ID, if not ID then swap GTP wires and try again.

If still failed, open ecu and check what TC17xx fitted, power on bottom row different and of course GPTs

Pcmtuner Me17.5.55 Pinout 2

read password after ID to as this may not work like EDC17/MED17 automatic password.