PCMTuner PSA EDC17C60 Car Not Start After Writing Solution

By | September 6, 2022

Here comes the problem: Finally got my edc17c60 writing with pcmtuner flash, but car doesn’t start after 2nd attempt.
Citoren C4 1.6 blue HDi 2016
the first reading was made in bench module 71.

PCMTuner Edc17c60 Citroen C4 Car Nto Start


PSA EDC17C60 is tprot. You need to do manual tprot change to file before writing


You have to Tprot Ori file too if you want to write back.




Solved. Wrote original file and wrote back the tuned file with checked use optimizations.

PCMTuner Edc17c60 Citroen C4 Car Nto Start 2