PCMTuner Read and Write Audi A4 VL300 Gearbox

By | September 4, 2023

PCMTuner new user feedback: read and write Audi A4 VL300 gearbox TCU successfully.

“Everyone says that you have to use adapter and so on. All signals are the same (k line can kl15 kl30). You can use bench cable and boot pin which already has 1kohm resistor.
Both units read write successfully.
Pinout is wrong on the internet, you can use this one.
Boot pin is wrong in the picture.
Now works like charm.

Pcmtuner VL300 Audi A4 1

Pcmtuner VL300 Audi A4 2 Pcmtuner VL300 Audi A4 3