PCMTuner V1.2.7 Common Error Solutions

By | August 9, 2022

Check PCMTuner Flash V1.2.7 new software common errors and solutions.


1). After get license 1+LKtQAIEACnBgIAqv0Zgnt2BgedJkTLAla0yg==, Still need activation. Maybe wrong license?

Pcmtuner Flash V127 Common Error Solution 4


Need to copy the license to C:\Program Files (x86)\PCMtuner Flash folder. If still not working after copying the license, contact sales@iecutool for technical support via Team Viewer.

Activate Pcmtuner Flash 2

Don’t alter or change the name of the file when saving it because if you do then the license file won’t work and you will have the activation problem despite loading it into the system. Let the license open with pcmtuner flash.

The other mistake that people are making is although its telling you to copy and paste the file into the directory that won’t work either and will causes issues so what we found is if you actually physically move and drag the license file into the directory fully then open the pcm flash software then that also solves the problem as well and it will work perfectly first time every time with the licence files if you follow the instructions there.

please set up the license file default open with pcmtuner flash,or it will always ask the license.

If still not working doing above (ask for activation over and over again) after copying the license, delete current pcmtuner program, download and install PCM Suite on tuner-box.com



error Usb not accessible after update pcmflash to 1.2.7

Pcmtuner Flash V127 Common Error Solution 1


Never update PCMFlash!!!  PCMflash software is 1.2.0. V1.2.7 is the version of PCMTuner flash program

Pcmtuner Flash V127 Common Error Solution 3

Delete this version, download and install pcmtuner flash setup.exe here


Press No if it ask to update pcmflash 1.2.7 on server.

Pcmtuner Flash V127 Common Error Solution 2

Follow this guide to disable this error message



3). I’m a pcmtuner user and ever since i downloaded the new version 1.2.7 the pcm tuner flesh won’t start. I tried running it as admin and it won’t open. any advice?

Send device ID to info@tuner-box.com, you will receive a registration key within 24hours.

Pcmtuner Device Id

Pcmtuner Flash V127 Common Error Solution 4

Follow instruction here to get software activated.



4). What new is include in this new version?

Just the logo. Name of software and credits inside it.



I tried the installation of pcmtuner flash 1.2.7, I am stuck on this error, I do not use a virtual machine antivirus protection and firewall disabled.  It is a Lenovo G50 portable PC. with windows 10pro 21H2. Anyone has an idea?!

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