Read and Write VAG EDC17CP44 by PCMTuner or Foxflash?

By | April 13, 2023

User report: Pcmtuner successfully read and write edc17cp44 vag.
Foxflash failed by writing file in bench mode checksum was calculated with winols but still failed. not bricked but cant write files from original ecu to this donor ecu, pcmtuner did do it successfully, normally fox flash need to skip otp area like pcm tuner but fox wants to write it and that is not possible.

I’m lucky did i not selled my pcm tuner if you still have it then keep it, you will need it.


Pcmtuner Vag Edc17cp44 2 Pcmtuner Vag Edc17cp44 3 Pcmtuner Vag Edc17cp44 4 Pcmtuner Vag Edc17cp44 1