How to Solve PCMTuner USB Dongle Not Accessible Error?

By | May 25, 2022


My pcmtuner USB dongle not accessible. The dongle stops communication and threw an error USB not accessible.
Any Solution?
Pcmtuner 1.2
Pcmtuner Usb Dongle Not Accessible
You update pcmflash. NEVER update pcmflash.
Remove complete from pc and reinstall software.

The pcmtuner hardware won’t be locked.

How to fix it if update pcmflash by mistake?

  • Delete current pcm flash ONLY.
  • Install pcm-flash 1.2.0 application here (disable anti-virus program)

  • Run pcm flash on the desktop to read/write ECU

Pcmtuner License 1

Pcmtuner License 2