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Foxflash 1.3.8 Download Problem Solution

Some users reported they had problems downloading the latest foxflash 1.3.8 update.  iECUTool.com collects some common problems and solutions. Problem 1: ‘An error occured while trying to download file’ trying to install it but getting this error,  I tried with two different laptops. Solution: The foxflash manager version is tool old. Delete current manager, and… Read More »

Foxflash vs KT200 II

What’s the difference between Foxflash and the new KT200 II 2nd generation ecu/tcu programmer? Foxflash: free online update to get more protocols. KT200 II: it’s a separate new hardware with new protocols Foxflash: more stable KT200: less stable, often bricks ECU Foxflash: reading and writing is faster and stable in the long run. Direct update… Read More »

Foxflash Read and Write VW Amarok EDC17C54 on Bench

Foxflash new feedback from Mr. Cornel Grijincu. VW Amarok 2014 EDC17C54 read and write on bench ok, checksum by foxflash. Bench pinout to EDC17C54   To read and write use the following driver: → BENCH TRICORE → VOLKSWAGEN / AUDI / SEAT / SKODA → TC1797 – VAG → EDC17 C54   www.iecutool.com