Tuner Account

From 19th April 2022, PCMTuner activation only generates one user account:
https://support.vz-performance.com: User Name= registered Email, Password= Software Serial Number
https://www.tuner-box.com: User Name= registered Email, Password= Software Serial Number

tuner-box account is for creating ticket support tool user.
vzperofromance for tuner support. It has VR file and many damaos there.


Part 1: Tuner-box account

Visit and login tuner-box.com with your user name and password
User name= email address
Password= serial number
Use Pcmtuner User Account 1

Use Pcmtuner User Account 2

You can create Technical support questions or report problems here
Always provide as much information as possible

Use Pcmtuner User Account 3
Use Pcmtuner User Account 4

Part 2: VZ-performance Account

Visit support.vz-performance.com
Login account with user name and password
User name=Email address
Password= serial number

Use Pcmtuner User Account 5

Your dashboard will show any file requests or uploads you have made for modification etc

Use Pcmtuner User Account 6

We can search for original files, damos, map packs via the search bar

in this example, we are using this ecu type: edc17c49
here we see map packs and original files in the system from our search

Use Pcmtuner User Account 7
Use Pcmtuner User Account 8
Use Pcmtuner User Account 9

Just click Download to save it to your computer.

We can upload our original file for modification like DPF off

Use Pcmtuner User Account 10

In our Account settings, we can change password, and download the installation software

Use Pcmtuner User Account 11
soon we will have diagnostic software and loggers available in Pcmtuner Tools section
Always Download your software installation software from here

Use Pcmtuner User Account 12

At this account, you also can request chip tuning, like stage1-stage3, popbangs, adblue, dpf etc, just need creat ticket,but its pay item ,you can contact your seller about the charge .

Stage 1 $77
Stage 2  $110
Stage 3  $275 
Gearbox tuning, LC, sportdisplay,  immo off, adblue off, dpf off, dtc off, vmax, swirl off etc $66 for each