Will PCMTuner Clone Renault EMS3120?

By | June 11, 2023


I can’t read and write that Renault ems3120 with pcmtuner module 22. I need to clone this. Is there a procedure or image to enter boot mode?

Pcmtuner Ems3120 Renault



Only obd flash is supported with pcmtuner module 22. Obd in car with key. Engine must be cold and you must keep IMMO inactive during reading and Writing module 22.

There’s a password on the boot.

Here is the boot pin to Renault EMS 3120.

Pcmtuner Ems3120 Boot Pin

*PCMTuner Module 53 BSL instruction.

No chance to read by bsl 53 this car have all key lost.
If you lost your keys, you have to use boot mode with other tools (i.e Combiloader).



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