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How to Solve PCMTuner Error Occurred Cannot Find File Specified?

Question: I make first installation of my pcmtuner tool and I have this error in windows 7 64 bit Can someone help please? C:/Program Files/Scanmatic/sm2lib.dll An error occurred while trying to read the source file: The system cannot find the file specified. Solution: 1). Install net framework 4.8 for your win7 operating system. Download… Read More »

Free Download PCMTuner Driver and NET.Framework 4.8 here provides PCMTuner driver, pcmflash application and NET.Framework 4.8 download free.   PCMtuner software free download Free Download PCMTuner scanmatik driver Free Download PCM-Flash 1.2.0 Free Download NET.Framework 4.8   When do you need these applications? 1). If pcmtuner gives error “unable to use selected interface j2534”, it can be driver issue. Delete and reinstall… Read More »

PCMTuner ‘Only One Instance At A Time’ Solution

Problem: I have this problem. Before that pcmtuner worked fine. I have updated PCMflasher. After that, she does so. Error “Only One Instance At A Time”. Has anyone experienced this? Solution: pcmtuner app is already running in the back ground, go to task manager and maximise. Check:

PCMTuner PSA Bosch MED17.4 Pinout

Question: Hi, I’m trying to read one Bosch MED17.4 from a Peugeot 207 1.6t; ecu pinout is correct, but pcmtuner pcmflash shows failure, I’m using module 71 tc1766 FLASH… So, any clue? Solution: There are 2 types of pinout for med17.4. Try both. see which one works. Bosch MEDV174 IROM TC1766 EGPT PSA Pinout Feedback:… Read More »