ECU Virgin vs IMMO OFF

What is the difference between ECU virgin and immo off?   Reset (Virgin) ECU: Virgin means new ecu or new pcm like 0 key in system. A reset ECU means the ECU has been reset back to a “new” virgin state. With this option the ECU will need to be programmed by a main dealer… Read More »

Foxflash Manager Update to V1.4.2- Adds Simos 18 Database

Foxflash manager new 1.4.2 version is available.   What’s new in Foxflash Manager 1.4.2? 1.Fix network sll problem 2. Adds Simos 18 read/write password database.   Delete old Foxflash manager, download and install Foxflash manager form If failed to update Foxflash Manager to 1.4.2, follow the solution here to fix the problem:

Foxflash Manager Failed to Update to 1.4.2 Solution

Here is the solution if you have a problem updating Foxflash Manager to 1.4.1 or 1.4.2. Solution: Uninstall and download the Manager again. Download Foxflash Manager tool setup file from and install.   For all who struggle with renewal 1: Uninstall Fox flash manager 2: Delete dfb technology folder in c:program 3: download an… Read More »