Foxflash Manager Update to V1.4.0

Foxflash server was under maintenance in the past 24 hours. Now the update is finished. Foxflash released new manager software version 1.4.0 on April 3rd, 2024. No new protocols was added to this version. Just improved reading & writing speed.

Foxflash Failed to Clone Audi MED17.1.1?

Problem: It is a Med17.1.1 Audi RS5 bench not ok with foxflash.  8T1907560E Hw 005. Tprot update, Password boot ok, read no ok. Read no ok ❌️ Foxflash saves file password but impossible to Read/Write this ecu. in boot mode password vag tprot8 ok, after reading it says not have the password. Even ktag &… Read More »