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Foxflash OBD Error- SEED Key Solution

When reading your remap with foxflash programmer via obd2 (i.e DCM6.2V) and this error pops out ERROR SEED-KEY what does it actually mean? Its pretuned and seedkey changed so cant work via obd. Well basically its saying that someones allready been on there. It prevents obd2 read/write, so only way is to bench or bdm… Read More »

Foxflash Bricked Audi ME7.1 ECU Solution

Problem: AUDI A6 Allroad 2.7T 250KM ME7.1. There is communication, engine cannot start after reading with foxflash. It’s happened after reading via OBD. Fault code: 18089 / P1681 – Programming Not Finished Solution: Bad checksum. Many tools do not correct checksum for this ECU by OBD including foxflash. Do manual checksum. Had the same on… Read More »