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How to Fix Foxflash Jtag/BDM Cable?

Foxflash Jtag/BDM fix: If your ribbon cable is not correctly orientated then it will not function for bdm/jtag work. You can modify the cable by removing the connector keyway so that the cable plugs into the Foxflash unit in correct orientation.

FoxFlash Cannot Select Driver Solution

Question: I have installed Foxflash software but not connect. Why is the Foxflash select driver not activating? Solution: 1.Open FoxFlash Manager 2. Click Active 3. DO NOT CLOSE MANAGER 4. Open Foxflash and enter device serial numer and make sure internet is connected! 5. Tool must be connected and powered via 12v. You can bench… Read More »

PCMTuner Read Hyundai Kefico ME 17.9.1 ECU

Pcmtuner handled this Hyundai Kefico ME 17.9.1 nicely. Once I removed the shorted circuit from the original module. Was able to do a full read & write into the used donor. Module was plug & play on this 2008 Hyundai Genesis, didn’t have to reset the smart either. With boot module 53.

FoxFlash Read John Deere 6430 Premum L14 via OBD

New test report: FoxFlash programming (read/write) John Deere 6430 premium engine control L14 via OBD port successfully. Connect foxflash with laptop and John deere via OBD In Foxflash software, select John Deere-> 6230-6330-6430 Premium->4.5L ENG CNTR L14′ CAN Foxflash read data very fast. Needs around 14v though. Then save data. Vehicle starts fine.