Monthly Archives: September 2023

What is Foxflash Interface Customization?

There is an ‘interface customization’ function button in new foxflash manager tool 1.3.6. What does it do? With this function users can customize your brand tuning logo into the tool software (order from via the plugin in foxFlash Manager button). The plugin will take $350 euro. Contact customer service if you need.

Foxflash Manager Update to V1.3.6

The foxFlash team is proud to announce the 1.3.6 management software update on September 25, 2023. Special customized version foxFlash Manager 1.3.6 verison. through which we will 1: Improve all VR databases. 2: Personal equipment customization. 3: Customize your brand tuning logo into the tool software. (check here) 4: Special personal beta version customization and… Read More »

Will Foxflash Read and Write PSA SID801A ECU?

Question: Is it possible to read/write peugeot sid801A ecu eeprom with foxflash software? I can’t find sid801a ecu on the ecu list. Only sid801 is available, but inside sid801 is different 2 board showing on the picture on sid801A only 1 board. Answer: Yes, foxflash will read and write SID801A ecu. Tested by many. no… Read More »