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How to Understand the Logic ECU Manufacturers Use?

How to understand the logic ECU manufacturers use? Bosch ECU references October 27, 2023 If you are new to the field of engine reprogramming, you have surely quickly had to familiarize yourself with the specific terms of this industry. To assess the feasibility and complexity of modifying an engine, it is essential to refer to the… Read More »

Can Foxflash Read Siemens EGS52 EGS53 TCU?

Some users reported that foxflash failed to read Mercedes/Chrysler Siemens EGS52 or EGS53 TCU. They can see it in the menu, but unable to read?   Foxflash will read/write EGS52/EGS53 in boot mode if ECU is not encrypted. If you fail to read EGS52/EGS53 in boot mode, make sure you don’t connect the bench box… Read More »