Buy Foxflash Get 15 Days Unlimted Tuning File for Free

By | October 16, 2023

Good News! Factroy promotion for ordering foxflashOrder foxflash get 15 days Unlimted tunning File for free

Promotion time: From October 16th to October 31st, 2023


There will be 15 days from the time of purchase of equipment to activation to make modification files for free. You can make any of the following 16 function, there is no limit to the quantity. Time only.

  • GPF/OPF Removal
  • DPF Removal
  • EGR Removal
  • DTC Removal
  • ADBlue Removal
  • HOT Start Fix
  • IMMO Removal
  • Readiness Calibration
  • Flaps / Swirl Removal
  • TVA Removal
  • Sport Displays Calibration
  • Cold Start Noise Reduction
  • Kickdown Deactivation
  • StartStop Disable
  • MAF Removal
  • Speed Limiter Removal
  • Torque Monitoring Disable
  • Burbles Activation
  • Popcorn Activation
  • EVAP Removal
  • Exhaust Flap Removal
  • SAP Removal
  • AGS Removal
  • Lambda/O2 Removal
  • Launch Control
  • OBD Reading Protection
  • Boost Sensor Calibration
  • LC, AL and NLS for MED9.1
  • Checksum Fix
How to process? 
Customers contact sales directly (in addition to providing routing documents, they also need to provide: car brand, model, ECU model, replacement year and the best file name plus these, there is no need to send additional basic information along with the file) Purchasing) Sales gets the documents and gives them to purchasing, which sends them to the factory, and the factory sends them to the customer after they return. (The factory will reply within 1-3 days depending on the complexity).