Can I use Ktag BDM Adapters for Foxflash?

By | January 11, 2023

Question: do you use bdm adapters from ktag fg?  adapters from ktag are not compatible?

If we can change the bdm adapters to avoid welding.
Can ktag bdms be used with bdm support?
Where are there other bdm without soldering for foxflash?

Bdm Adapter



just wait us, is releasing foxflash BDM adapters soon. 

You can purchase from 3rd parties, must be Dfox compatible, usually around $130 each.

BDM Adapters – The tool cannot use generic adapters such as the cheap Ktag type. It can only use Adapters that are designed for the following Ori products – Dfox, EVC BDM100, FG_TECH, AMT-BDM, Ori. Ktag other types will damage your ecu/equipment.

Foxflash Bdm Adapter 1