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No Option for Jtag or BDM on Alientech KESS3?

There is no option for Jtag or BDM on Alientech kess3 compared to kess v2?     There is, you just have to purchase those protocols. It’s under boot mode protocols, you just opt for the bdm probe. You don’t need special adapters to do BDM. Just use needles or solder wires.

Alientech KESS3 Adds Kawasaki Suzuki Yamaha Motorcycle ECUs

Alientech KESS3 released new software verison V1.99.   Work on the Mitsubishi ECUs installed on Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha motorcycles and ATVs. Intervene for tuning and repair on the supported new motorcycles and ATVs. LATEST UPDATES AND NEWS FROM THE ALIENTECH WORLD! UPGRADE 1.99 Elevate customer satisfaction with seven new protocols that enable you to… Read More »

Alientech KESS3 Adds Siemens SIM4LKE and EMS2214 Cloning

Alientech KESS3 New protocol update-Remap and clone the Siemens SIM4LKE and Siemens EMS2214 ECUs equipped on Mercedes-Benz and Ford vehicles. Offer a comprehensive service to your customers thanks to new protocols for KESS3. LATEST UPDATES AND NEWS FROM THE ALIENTECH WORLD! UPGRADE 1.98 Increase job opportunities for your workshop with two new developments dedicated to… Read More »

KESS3 Clone BMW F30 ZF 8HP50 Gearbox TCU

Alientech KESS3 new user feedback: clone BMW ZF 8HP50 TCU successfully   BMW 3 Series F30 (2015) 320i 8AT Engine model V48 TCU Bosch ZD 8HP50 Protocol 1568 Identify ECU ok Read backup ok Write Backup ok   Check the wiring diagram in kess3 software Clone ZF 8HP no problem.  

Alientech KESS3 ECU Communication Error Solution

Problem: I have tried to read this ECU Bosch ME7.6.2 through the Alientech KESS3 Bench mode and it’s doesn’t respond. Does its mean the ECU is damaged? Any help? Possible solutions to KESS3 ECU communication error: 1. The device does not respond to communication with the ECU, maybe you can try changing the voltage (Power… Read More »

KESS3 Read Ford EMS2211 via OBD or Boot?

Ford EcoSport EMS2211 is it okay via obd on virtual read & write using Alientech KESS3? Here is the clue. People have done many Continental EMS2211 ECUs with KESS3 via OBD. But if something has been done before, recovery definitely not working by OBD, you need boot it.

Alientech KESS3 Adds Isuzu Denso 276700-2051 ECU

Alientech KESS3 released ECU- Isuzu Denso 276700-2051 on May 6th, 2024.   Work on bench in “BENCH” mode for tuning, optimizing fuel consumption, and repairing Isuzu N-Series trucks equipped with Denso 276700-2051 ECUs. Ensure precise and reliable interventions on supported new work vehicles, satisfying your customers. New supported ECU: Denso 276700-2051 Grab this technological advantage… Read More »

Alientech KESS3 “Problem Launching the App” Solution

Problem: Failed to run Alientech KESS3 software, it has a problem launching the app. The software says “no tools connected”. Any solution? Possible solution: 1.Close the program and reinstall usb drivers. 2.If still not working, maybe your USB cable or tool is broken. Open ticket and support will help you. You may need to send… Read More »