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Will Foxflash Read and Write PSA SID801A ECU?

Question: Is it possible to read/write peugeot sid801A ecu eeprom with foxflash software? I can’t find sid801a ecu on the ecu list. Only sid801 is available, but inside sid801 is different 2 board showing on the picture on sid801A only 1 board. Answer: Yes, foxflash will read and write SID801A ecu. Tested by many. no… Read More »

Foxflash New Update- Fix MED17 Checksum

Foxflash programmer released new software update on September, 14th, 2023.   Small update for checksum fix September 14, 2023 Update checksum for mcu TC1766 TC1793 TC1797 TC1724F TC1767 foxFlash is now able to perform the following operations: software calculate checksum On the following ECU reference: Audi Bosch MED17.5 TC1766 Audi Bosch MED17.5.5 TC1766 Audi Bosch… Read More »

Foxflash Bricks EDC16U31?

Problem: edc16u31 bricked while cloning with foxflash, was cloning in bench after writing intFl ecu bricked, now no connection thru jtag. i am wrong? Solution: You’re doing it wrong, supply power through the board to the BDM pins. You can ktag bdm, but fox flash also does it well via bdm, only the power must… Read More »

Foxflash 76F00XX BDM Full Read and Write Feedback

Here is the foxflash tool user feedback on 76F00XX BDM full read and write with 14V better supply.   * Denso NEC76F0038AGD 175822-762 Toyota * Denso NEC76F0038AGD 175822-773X Toyota * Denso NEC76F0038AGD 175822-887 Toyota * Denso NEC76F0038AGD 211941-37900830 Toyota * Denso NEC76F0038AGD 211941-37910830 Toyota * Denso NEC76F0038AGD 275036-1152 Toyota * Denso NEC76F0038AGD 275036-2110 Toyota *… Read More »

Foxflash Pinout to VAG EDC17C74

Question: I cannot see EDC17C74 in foxflash driver list, only EDC17CP74, the question is whether it can be used to write EDC17CP74? Answer: EDC17C74 driver is there. To read and write use the following driver: → BENCH TRICORE → VOLKSWAGEN / AUDI / SEAT / SKODA → TC1793 – VAG → EDC17 C74 Foxflash pinout… Read More »