How to Change Foxflash Registered Email?

By | December 4, 2023
In the past I purchased a FoxFlash Programmer but I sold the programmer to a person a long time ago and I was forced to give him my email to be able to use it, so my question is Is it possible to change the email address on an instrument in which an e-mail address has already been assigned? What procedure must be performed? Furthermore, I have now purchased a new FoxFlash tool and I would like to use it on my PC on which I used the tool that I sold but if I uninstall the FoxFlash program and Manager Tool during the new installation, the data of the FoxFlash programmer that I sold always remain the same stored and it is impossible to continue with the installation of the new instrument in which the serial code obviously changes…. Also for this reason there is a procedure that allows you to deeply uninstall the program and the previous data stored on the other instrument which I do not have more on a PC to allow me to install a new instrument with a different serial code?
1.Send both serial number and email of old and new foxflash devices to
We will have foxflash engineer manually change email address for you.
2.If you do this, serial code also changes. You can install new foxflash software on that PC.