How to Connect Volvo TRW EMS2.x Bench Cable with Foxflash?

By | May 14, 2024 rolls out Volvo Renault TRW EMS2.x bench cable for foxflash/kt200 etc ecu programmers.


Applied ECUs: 

Renault / Volvo:
– TRW EMS2.2
– TRW EMS2.3
– TRW EMS2.4


Compatible tools:

Foxflash, KT200 or other ECU tools can read EMS2.x ECU



Used to connect to ECU module (read and write ECU) without the risk of bending pins, and also saves a lot of time.

This cable can be used on VOLVO and Renault Trucks equipped with TRW EMS2.2, TRW EMS2.3, TRW EMS2.4. Thanks to this cable, you can work on them in Bench Mode.

Volvo EMS Bench Cable 2 Volvo EMS Bench Cable 3 Volvo EMS Bench Cable 4 Volvo EMS Bench Cable

How to connect Volvo EMS2.x bench cable with foxflash/kt200?

There are two connection methods.

Check wiring diagram below

Volvo EMS Bench Cable 6Volvo EMS Bench Cable Connect With Foxflash