FAQ Fetrotech Tool Black Version

By | August 16, 2022
Here iecutool.com collects some frequently asked questions about the black version Fetrotech Tool.
Fetrotech Tool Black 1
Q:  What software will be used? As PCMtuner is just info, pcmflash performs readouts.
A:  It use Fetrotech software.
Q: I have a question. if I buy Fetrotech black standalone, do I have to buy another module or things for use it ? Thanks.
A: No, you can use as a separate tool, no need for anything else to use it.
Q: I have PCM tuner, is better to buy the silver version or the black version? I think Standalone is better to buy, what will you say
A: You can use both black and silver version if you have pcmtuner. silver version is cheaper.  If have enough budget, get a black version, it works sperately, also can work wtih pcm tuner.
Q: what’s the difference between the Fetroteck black and silver version?
A: check comparison here
Q: Where to check the ECU coverage of Fetrotech plugin?
Q:  Does Fetrotech black hardware support all the ecu through obd and bench that are supported by PCM tuner software.
A:  No, this is a addon device that uses its own software for bench work on ecus. It is for bench work only on the ecus it supports
Q: Can fetrotech black hardware be used as SM2 Pro? Or do I have to buy SM2 dongle separately? Or as passthru tool with ODIS, ISTA etc?
A: No, it is designed to work on bench on a select range of ecus.  To use pcmtuner flash you still need the SM2 hardware.
Q: Will GODIAG adapters work with Fetrotech black hardware? When using Pcm tuner software?
A:  The godiag tricore cable is used when you do OBD bench reading. Fetrotech reads ECU on bench work only. So it is not necessary to have godiag adapters.
Q: Does it have Enet port like pcm tuner hardware?
A: No, it does not.
Q: What’s included in the package?
Fetrotech Tool Black Package