FAQ FoxFlash ECU TCU Chip Tuning Tool

By | November 13, 2022

Here iecutool.com collects some frequently asked questions about the new FoxFlash ECU TCU chip tuning tool.

Q: Does the new Marelli turbo petrol FAL read and write, sid 310 md1 mg1 etc?

A: SID310 boot/tricore, MD1/MG1 until 2020


Q: foxflash bypass tprot edc17c60 protection?

A: No tool will “Bypass” Tprot on C60, it will apply TPOT patch when writing to ECU – some tool user do this manually, Foxflash do automatically.


Q: Can this read BMW MSV90?

A: Yes, it can.


Q: Can i install Foxflash software on 2 laptops?

A: Yes, but need activation on 2nd laptop with another email.


Q: Is this with the same activation as pcmtuner or can be used directly

A: no need activate, they will return you a password, fill in that password, can log in to use


Q: Does it have virtual read with connection directly to your server? Or we need to id and then search for file?

A: VR reading in OBD if VR files on server


Q:There will be an “Auto Version”?

A: No, full version only.


Q: Where to download the FoxFlash Software ?

A: Software can be download on official website: https://www.dfb-technology.com/


Q:Does it do Simos 18.1 read and write

A: bench but obd will be soon


Q: This can do mb mg1 ecu?

A: Yes, it can. Always check ecu list.


Q: this tool suport edc17cv54 Massey Ferguson or CaseiH?

A: yes all Agri CV54 in obd/bench/boot


Q:Is Flashfox support all Denso NEC 76F00XX families?

A: after 2005, check driver list for toyota here or check on official website https://www.dfbtechnology.com/en/driver-list/


Q: Can I have some list what fox flash reads

A: Yes, check ECU/TCU Driver List


Q: How activation foxflash? Where you send email to dfb factory?

A:  No activation is required. they will return you a password, fill in that password, can log in to use


Q: Is it better than pcm tuner ?

A: covers many many more ecus in OBD, Bench, boot, Jtag


Q: the same tool can perform immo off or it’s just for reading, writing and clone. ?

A: All tool just read/write. User of tool make solution.


Q:Can it be possible in future to get slave version?

A: No, full master version is good.


Q: is possible read Peugeot DCM 7.1a

A: Yes, Foxflash will read this ecu.


Q: Tcu dq500 obh clone possible?

A: Yes, it will clone.


Q: This requires internet connection full time to work?

A: some time need , some time needn’t.


Q: What software does this equipment use?

A: FoxFlash software.


Q: Does it download virtual files or read the real file?

A: it can real read also can donload from sever.


Q: Is it same at kt200?

A: FoxFlash is different, it uses the latest firmware and updates, we use better quality BOM and PCB than those tools, we provide far better servers with VR supply, we have improved everything greatly over those other products to make a more stable, full proof, and reliable tool.
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